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The European Union is supporting family doctors from Straseni and Floresti by delivering 200,000 face masks and more than 900 liters of disinfectant

18 decembrie 2020

The health centers from Straseni and Falesti received personal protective equipment, donated by the European Union via ‘Together Against Gender Stereotypes and Gender-Based Violence’ regional program, funded by the European Union and implemented by UN Women and UNFPA Moldova, in partnership with Child Rights Information Center. The two districts are part of this program and, hence, will benefit of a number of gender equality promotion activities in the following years.

The batch of 200,000 face masks and 908 liters of disinfectants will be distributed to 78 family doctors and 215 nurses from both districts and will help provide health services in safety.


In these challenging times, the European Union continues to provide support for the emergency response to the COVID-19 crisis. With the help of the efforts and assistance provided via the EU4Gender regional project, we alleviate the difficulties faced by family doctors from Straseni and Falesti rayons, who are fighting this pandemic”, said Victoria Neaga, Project manager and Gender focal point at EU Delegation.


COVID-19 has affected strongly the whole society, and the healthcare system in particular. This donation of protective equipment, of vital importance for doctors now, comes to show that they are not alone and can rely on our solidarity and support. UNFPA hopes that this donation will contribute to decreasing the risk of infection and to ensuring that mothers and fathers could bring their children to the family doctor in safety’ said Violeta Terguta, coordinator of ‘Together Against Gender Stereotypes and Gender-Based Violence’ regional program.


Present at the event, presidents of Straseni and Falesti districts thanked the European Union and United Nations Population Fund for the support provided in response to public health emergencies, specifying that this donation was a major support for healthcare services in the health centers of Falesti and Straseni.

We are grateful to all individuals and organizations that have participated actively in overcoming the COVID-19 epidemics. We are positive that as long as front-line doctors have enough protective equipment against infection, there will be a positive outcome of our fight with the epidemics. Together we will succeed”, said Sergiu Fântână, President of Falesti district.


„Health centers from Straseni are now short of protective equipment that is crucial for ensuring the safety of doctors and protection of parents, who come to the doctor with their children. The European Union’s donation will help us protect both the health staff and the population from getting infected with COVID-19 and will save many lives in our district’, stated Pavel Tamaciuc, President of Straseni district.


The batch of personal protective equipment for doctors from Straseni and Falesti, worth $13,000, was procured from European Union funds, and is part of the UNFPA response actions to COVID-19 pandemic under ‘Together Against Gender Stereotypes and Gender-Based Violence’ Regional Program funded by the European Union and implemented by UN Women and UNFPA Moldova.