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The Frăsineşti community from Ungheni district supports youth health education

24 mai 2019

Pupils, parents, teachers and opinion leaders from Frăsineşti village, Ungheni district, came together to talk about the rights and needs of adolescents and ways of building a youth-friendly community through health education in schools and out-of-school activities. The public discussion is part of a series of similar events organized in 2019 in 12 other localities of Moldova from Orhei, Rezina, Falesti, Cahul and Ungheni districts.

The entire community is present at the public discussion about the rights and needs of young people.

The purpose of public discussions is to promote the optional “Health Education” course, where young people learn useful things for life.

Natalia Plugaru, Assistant Representative at UNFPA Moldova, who attended the public debate, said: "In the absence of migrating parents, the importance of this discipline is even greater, helping young people to communicate, make responsible decisions, and be protected from risks. This is why UNFPA supports the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research in promoting and improving the content of health education."

In 2018, 22 localities from Orhei, Rezina, Falesti, Cahul and Chisinau were involved in similar activities, and as a result, young people chose to study Education for Health.

Mihailov Ala, director of Frăsineşti Gymnasium, assured that this course will be taught in her school, too. "We will all get involved in promoting this course, because the school has an increasing role in educating the young generation," the director said.

Mihailov Ala, director of Frăsineşti Gymnasium is a strong advocate and supporter of Health Education. 

The Optional Health Education course is being studied today at the request of about 22,000 adolescents, making up about 10% of their total. This course comprises 7-9 important modules for the holistic development of young people, including mental health, reproductive health, prevention of violence, healthy nutrition, and others. The curriculum of this course has been revised with the support of UNFPA and the Dutch Embassy and includes quality information adapted to the pupils' age for a harmonious development.

Daniela is 13 years old and considers this course very important. "I will certainly choose Health Education and I will urge other colleagues to follow my example."

Mayor of Frăsineşi village, Iacob Pîntea, thanked the donors and project partners and assured that he will involve the whole community in activities related to promotion of health education.

The public discussions are part of the campaign "Health Education - My Right, My Choice" within the framework of the project "Promoting Youth Health Education" carried out by UNFPA Moldova with the support of the Dutch Embassy and in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, "Partnership for Every Child" NGO, the "Pro Didactica Educational Center" and the" Y-PEER" Youth Peer to Peer Network.

Young people say they will definitely choose to study health education.