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UNFPA hereby solicits a quotation for the following services: designing and printing of edutainment materials for teaching the course “Decisions for a healthy lifestyle” in Vocational Education and Training institutions, increasing by thus the understanding and knowledge of students related to Sexual and reproductive health within the project "Develop life skills and healthy behaviors of students in Vocational Education and Training for their development and job readiness" as detailed in the RFQ.

When preparing your proposal, please be guided by the RFQ document, attached hereto.

Quotations shall be submitted in English or Romanian and shall be marked with the note: RFQ Nº UNFPA/MDA/RFQ/2021/007 - Designing and printing of edutainment
materials for Vocational Education and Training institutions.

Offers shall be submitted electronically to the following e-mail address:

Questions or requests for further clarifications should be submitted in writing to the contact person below:

Roman Odesschii, Project Administrative and Finance Associate / Procurement Focal Point