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15 April 2021

Health education for young people significantly reduces risky behaviors and improves their job readiness, new study shows

Students in colleges, centres of excellence, and vocational schools who have access to health education by studying the discipline "Decisions for a healthy lifestyle" as part of their curriculum display better knowledge and fewer risky behaviors related to nutrition, substance use (tobacco, alcohol, drugs), sexual-reproductive

14 April 2021

The National Bureau of Statistics learns the experience of European countries in developing an informational system for population and migration statistics

​​​​​​​The statistical offices from the Netherlands, Finland, Estonia, Spain, and Slovenia shared their experience of developing, institutionalizing, and implementing in their countries a register-based statistical...

8 April 2021

Ada Duminică: "If you marry young, you'll never have time for education; other worries arise"

International Roma Day - 8 April Iana Duminică from Chetrosu village, Drochia, is one of her family's champions in studies. After successfully graduating from gymnasium, she was admitted to high school. Iana's mother, Ada, graduated only eight classes, and her grandmother, only three. On International Roma Day, UNFPA Moldova


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