Question received and Answer provided by UNFPA on RFQ KAP Study on Cervical Cancer Prevention

18 June 2018

18 June 2018

In accordance with Section III of the RFQ provisions - the deadline for questions submission was:  15 June 2018, 16:00 (Moldova local time)

 Question received on Friday, 15 June 2018, at 11:42 (Moldova local time):

“…we have a question related to the objectives of the KAP study, specified on page 4 of 13. 

The points  ”l” and ”m” specify that there is a need of recommendations. 

While in the sphere of communication our company can come up with some recommendations due to the fact that this is one of our areas of competence, the recommendations specified in point l - ”evidence-based recommendations for decision-making in order to improve access and quality of cervical cancer prevention services in the Republic of Moldova” might be a problem. 

Is it expected that we find an expert in this sphere in order to provide recommendations, or is it expected that the recommendations will come from the participants in the research - patients and experts in the domain? …”

Answer provided by UNFPA :

As per the provisions of the present RFQ – technical proposals will be evaluated based on:

  •  their responsiveness to the service requirements/ TORs listed in Section II of the RFQ
  •  and in accordance with the evaluation criteria stipulated on pages 9 & 10 – Section VI of the Request for Quotation, one of the criteria being: “ Professional experience of the staff who will be employed to the project, providing demonstrated expertise in conducting researches – all related processes (both quantitative and qualitative components), as well as in conducting analyses in public health area (one national expert in the area of cervical cancer prevention and control shall be part of the Project staff). CVs of the Project staff shall be submitted as part of the application“