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The contracted Company will have to perform the following activity: Organize the Moldova Model of United Nations Model, edition 2022. The event is planned to be organized in October, 25-29 (the exact date will be coordinated). The event will be organized offline and will include the participation of up to 75 participants. The company will provide the event venue with the capacity to accommodate up to 100 participants. It is expected to ensure all issues related to event management as per the key performance indicators described below.

Questions or requests for further clarifications should be submitted in writing to the contact person below: Ion Ratoi, Administrative and Finance Associate / Procurement Focal Point Email address of contact person: The deadline for submission of questions is Monday, 17 October 2022, at 16:30 (Moldova local time). Questions will be answered in writing and shared with all parties as soon as possible after this deadline.

Instructions for submission

Proposals should be prepared based on the guidelines set forth in Section V above, along with a properly filled out and signed price quotation form, and are to be sent by email to the contact person indicated below no later than: Extended deadline - Friday, 21 October 2022, by 14.00  (Moldova local time) . Name of contact person at UNFPA: Diana Condrat, Designated Bid Receiver Email address of contact person: