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Y-PEER Moldova

Y-PEER is a network of peer educators, who organize information, communication and education sessions for young people. The goal of the peer-to-peer education is to develop knowledge, attitudes and life skills among young people for healthy and responsible behavior.

The Y-PEER Moldova was created in September 2014 following the UNFPA initiative. The Y-PEER curricula was approved by the Ministry of Education of Moldova as an innovative educational method.

Staring with April 2013, Y-PEER Moldova is an officially registered NGO under the name “Peer Educators Network Moldova” and activates in 15 towns and villages all around Moldova. More than 300 peer-to-peer educators conduct educational sessions in Moldova.

Y-PEER offers young and enthusiastic young people, willing to become volunteers, the possibility to become part of the Moldova team. Find out how to become a member of Y-PEER Moldova on the official site: