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Improving national statistics

Population data stays at the core of the national statistical system. Accurate population and migration data can offer a clear picture on population changes at national and local level. It can inform the Government and Local Public Authorities on how many people are living in their locality or rayon, how many are moving abroad or to another rayon and decide on budgetary allocations. Having a population data base that are disaggregated by age and sex is instrumental to inform development planning and programming, and UNFPA’s support to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) to improve population data collection focuses on strengthening institutional capacity for digitalization and processing of administrative data, developing information system on population and migration statistics and supporting the population and housing census undertaking. 

Demographic policies 

Moldova has a vibrant population dynamic, with a growing emigration of working-age population, ageing, low life expectancy and challenges faced by women and men in achieving desired fertility. UNFPA works to address demographic changes, by sharing international experiences in managing population changes, advising on measures to harness a potential demographic dividend and building robust demographic data. 

Intergenerational dialogue

With a growing population ageing in Moldova, and isolation effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, UNFPA sets programs that have a life-cycle approach and that creates bonds between generations. We connect young people with older persons, develop their digital skills and share life experiences, and build social cohesion and solidarity.