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Youth civic engagement and participation     

Every third person in Moldova is aged 14-35 years, so it is imperative for the country to invest in young people for improved demographic dividend. UNFPA plays a key role in developing national youth policies and strategies that promotes youth leadership, civic engagement, professional development including mobilizing young people in and out of school. UNFPA advocates for increased investments in youth development and well-being, as a prerequisite for progress. We support establishment and effective functioning of the National Network of Youth Centers and promoting quality youth services/programs at the local level.  

Adolescent healthy behaviors and life skills education

With a sizable parental labor emigration in Moldova, adolescents and young people need support at a pivotal age to navigate safely to adulthood. UNFPA works to ensure that girls and boys are protected from harmful behaviors and abuses, and make healthy choices for the future. We support the general and vocational education, and non-formal settings, to provide quality life skills and health education programs to young people, preparing them for life and the job market.