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The infographics present the most important results of the study conducted for the first time in Vocational Educationand Training (VET) institutions. The aim of the research was to establish what are the health-related knowledge and behaviors among VET girls and boys, as well as the life skills that can help them find employment.
The study was conducted among students aged 15-19 from 4 centres of excellence, 7 colleges and 9 vocational schools, a total of 20 VET institutions (12 institutions - part of the project and 8 control institutions).
The study assessed the level of knowledge, attitudes and practices of 923 students related to their health and life skills. 

The study was conducted within the Project “Develop life skills and healthy behaviors of students in Vocational Education & Training for their development and job readiness”, implemented by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) with funding support of Austrian Development Agency (ADA) from funds of Austrian Development Cooperation in partnership withthe Ministry of Education, Culture and Research.