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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant social and economic changes. In response to the pandemic crisis, the authorities of the Republic of Moldova have resorted to different measures that aimed at preventing and reducing the incidence of infections. These measures affected the population differently, whether women or men, young or old. 

This analysis focuses primarily on the psycho-emotional wellbeing of the young population, aged 15-24, during the  COVID-19 pandemic. Understanding how the pandemic affects young people is essential to develop a policy response that will meet youth needs during the crisis, but also to strengthen the support for groups that were more affected by restrictive measures.

This analysis is carried out by Centre Partnership for Development, within the Joint Fund for  Development of Youth Centres and consolidation of the participation and civic involvement of young  people in the Republic of Moldova of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, the Swiss  Agency for Development and Cooperation and the United Nations Population Fund