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More than 10,000 adolescents and young people from Moldova and Ukraine refugees will receive sexual and reproductive health services and information as part of a renewed partnership between United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Moldova and Youth Friendly Health Centres Network (Youth Klinic). The partnership envisages a comprehensive approach to the rights and needs of young people, aiming to build their resilience and well-being in times of crisis.

As a first step, UNFPA delivered today supplies and medicines to the entire network of 41 Youth Klinics that will be used for prevention of adolescent pregnancy, treatment of sexually transmitted infections, and post-rape care. Adolescents and young people will receive psychological counseling, HIV testing, free contraceptives, including emergency contraception, and post-rape care.

Adolescent sexual and reproductive health needs and risks intensify in times of crisis and are often overlooked,” said Ms. Nigina Abaszada, UNFPA Resident Representative. “Especially adolescent girls, in addition to stress and war trauma, face the increased risks of being subjected to sexual and gender-based violence when fleeing armed conflict and seeking protection. UNFPA values the partnership with “Youth Klinics” that will help Ukrainian and Moldovan young people to avoid risky behaviours and stay safe during crisis”. 

Within the expanded partnership with UNFPA, “Youth Klinics” will further establish Adolescent Clubs, that will offer young refugees and Moldovan youth a safe environment to develop life-skills, avoid teenage specific risks, secure mental health and emotional wellbeing.  

We appreciate UNFPA's support for the Youth Clinic Network, facilitating access to quality sexual and reproductive health services for all young people and adolescents. Both reproductive health kits offered today, and the Adolescent Clubs for Healthy Lifestyle that will be established will help us to provide complex services for a holistic and safe development of young people", said Galina Leșco, Head of the Youth Clinic Network.

The network of Youth Klinics include 41 Youth Friendly Health Clinics across the country offering free and confidential psychosocial support and reproductive health services to young people aged 10-24.  The team of medical specialists includes gynecologists, urologists/andrologists, internists, dermato-venereologists, midwives, nurses, psychologists and social workers. 

Since the beginning of the war the Network of Youth Klinics with UNFPA support reached more than 3,500 refugee adolescents and youth, who received psychological first aid and mental health and sexual and reproductive health information and referral support. 

The Youth Klinics also delivered more than 2,000 dignity kits to refugee women and girls, which contains sanitary pads underwear, soap, powdered detergent, toothpaste, a comb and a flashlight, all in an easy-to carry-pack. 

These activities are part of the UNFPA’s humanitarian response package to protect sexual and reproductive health of women, girls and young people. In addition, UNFPA works to equip seven maternity and neonatal units and the Oncology Institute to support reproductive health, as well as established the Orange Safe Spaces to provide psychological counseling, referral pathways to refugee women, youth and older persons.