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The National Forum of Youth Workers with the generic "Europe Goes Local - Trends and perspectives for the development of the community of youth workers in the Republic of Moldova in the European Year of Youth 2022" is meant to discuss the realities and trends of youth work.


"UNFPA provides support to the Government and is investing continuously in the Network of Youth Centers in Moldova to directly contribute to a better provision of services for young people and to expand the territorial coverage of accessible and friendly youth services," said Natalia Plugaru, Representative Assistant to the United Nations Population Fund.


Natalia Plugaru, Deputy Representative of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA Moldova)


The 3-day event is held in the context of the European Year of Youth and is organized by the “MilleniuM” Training and Development Institute with the financial support of the Ministry of Education and Research of the Republic of Moldova, Swiss Cooperation in Moldova & UNFPA Moldova.


Present at the event, Ion Donea, director of the National Agency for the Development of Youth Programs and Activities, stated that: “Youth work is any action with and for young people, of a social, cultural, educational or civic nature, which is based on non-formal learning and voluntary participation of young people. That is why it is important to connect and analyze developments in youth work practices and youth policy, the prospects of development of the youth worker community, knowledge of European programs, and opportunities that can benefit youth organizations, youth centers, youth workers and the communities to which they belong."


“Youth workers and youth specialists are those people who organize youth work, and the quality of youth work depends on their level of professional training. In this context, the forum created a space for discussions on the development prospects of the youth workers community", concluded Vitalie Cîrhană, director of the "MilleniuM" Training and Development Institute.

Vitalie Cîrhană, organizator forum, director Institutul de Instruire în Dezvoltare „MilleniuM” (IP UNFPA)


Special guest on the forum, connected online, Iryna Bodnar, from the Association of Youth Workers of Ukraine, shared with participants a Ukrainian perspective on the youth workers field: The community of youth workers in Ukraine has managed to self-organize and ensure the connection between the local community and Europe. Thus, practitioners have the opportunity to apply for training and benefit from professional certifications. In Ukraine, there is a national training program for youth workers. It aims to develop the methodological knowledge of youth workers in regions that are working with young people and are implementing youth policies in the regions of Ukraine. Therefore, graduates of the program can become members of the Association of Youth Workers of Ukraine.


Iryna Bodnar, online speaker at the Forum, Ukrainian Youth Workers Association

The National Forum of Youth Workers brought to the discussion of youth workers the realities of youth work and the role of youth workers in the Republic of Moldova. As a result, the key issues addressed were: Realities and new approaches to youth work in crisis situations; European Youth Work Agenda and the realities of the Republic of Moldova; Youth policies and programs in the Republic of Moldova: realities and perspectives; National Agency for the Development of Youth Programs and Activities: the role in promoting the quality of youth work and the recognition of the status of youth worker; Critical reflections on the role of the youth worker in the development of youth work in the Republic of Moldova; The youth community - what it is about and how it can be created.


Cristina Boțan, participant at the Forum, youth worker at the Orhei Youth Center

Group picture of the participants at the Forum