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Over 2,900 students and teachers from 12 technical vocational education institutions (VET) voted for the best model of a learning-friendly classroom where they will explore subjects like "Decisions for a healthy lifestyle",  "Personal Development" and "Biology". They made the choice from three design versions, which were co-created by the students and a professional designer during July.


A learning-friendly environment in their opinion has a modern design, is accessible, including for people with locomotor disability, and is comfortable for interactive activities. The classroom is bright, has colorful furniture and predisposes to communication.


Such classrooms will be created and equiped with IT devices and inovative edutainment materials in 12 technical vocational education institutions in the Republic of Moldova, which are part of the project „Develop life skills and healthy behaviors of students in Vocational Education & Training for their development and job readiness”  implemented by the United Nations Population Fund with funding support of Austrian Development Agency from funds of Austrian Development Cooperation in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research.



“This project is an innovative one for the technical vocational education system in the Republic of Moldova because it focuses on the holistic development of students, combining professional skills with social and interpersonal ones”, stated in context Silviu Gîncu, Head of VET department at MoECR. The discipline" Decisions for a healthy lifestyle" trains the students to practice healthy behaviors, communication skills, violence prevention, networking, etc., and in this way students are better prepared for the labor market, underlined Silviu Gîncu.


“Subjects that teach students about healthy lifestyle also pursue personal development and self-confidence, communication skills, critical thinking and informed decision making, which is why UNFPA supported the idea that these lessons should take place in a friendly and comfortable space for students”, mentioned Natalia Plugaru, Deputy Representative at UNFPA Moldova.


The new classes will be arranged according to the chosen design by the end of 2020. The beneficiary institutions are: CE in Light Industry, Chisinau, Vocational School in Nisporeni, Vocational School in Rezina, CE in Informatics and Information Technologies, Chisinau, Polytechnic College in Balti, Cupcini Vocational School, Edineț, “Alexei Mateevici” Pedagogical College, Chisinau, “Iulia Hașdeu” College, Cahul, “Vasile Lupu” College, Orhei, CE in Food Services and Processing, Bălți, Vocational School no. 2, Chisinau, Agro-industrial College, Rascani.



According to data provided by targeted VET institutions, about 75% of students from those 12 targeted institutions are from rural areas, 1 in 4 young people is leaving without one or both parents due to labor migration, 40% of students are leaving in dormitories and have more chances to be exposed to risky behaviors related to their reproductive health.


The national statistics show that adolescents increasingly report involvement in bullying, more young people have nutritional disorders, and are the victims of violence, each year more than 2600 young girls aged 10-19 years become pregnant with 80% being from rural areas.