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Moldova will review the Demographic Security Program

18 October 2016
IAPPD meeting
IAPPD meeting

Chisinau - Moldova will review the National Strategic Program on Demographic Security for 2011-2025 in order to respond effectively to the demographic challenges the country is facing: low fertility rates, increased mortality and high levels of migration of the population. This commitment was undertaken by representatives of the Government following the recommendations of the International Advisory Panel for Population and Development (IAPPD) - Moldova, which meeting took place on 17-18 October in Chisinau.

During the IAPPD meeting, created at the initiative of UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund, the major demographic trends taking place in Moldova were analysed. Two documents were presented in this regard: Population Situation Analysis and Interim Evaluation Report of the National Strategic Program on Demographic Security in Moldova for 2011-2025.

IAPPD meeting

According to the estimates of national and international experts, Moldova, being one of the youngest countries in Europe (25% of the population are young people aged 16-30 years), experiences accelerated aging. The proportion of people aged 60 and over will increase by 2035 up to 23.4%, compared to 16.2% in 2015. Meanwhile, low fertility rates, increased mortality, high levels of migration of Moldovan population will reduce the estimated number of population by 1% annually. Another challenge for Moldova is the quality of national statistics.

UNFPA Representative in Moldova Rita Columbia

In this context, the Minister of Labour, Social Protection and Family Stela Grigoras presented the Concept Vision for Population and Development Policy Priorities in Moldova that would underpin the strategic review of the National Programme on Demographic Security.

The Concept Vision foresees several measures aimed at mitigation of the effects of aging, including pension reform and improvement of access to preventive healthcare. In order to decrease the migration rates, policies which ensure social protection and promote the reintegration of the migrants in the country will be implemented. Related to family policies, the Concept Vision foresees the expansion of the preschool education services.

In the same context, a new National Programme on sexual and reproductive health and rights for 2017 - 2021 is being developed by the Ministry of Health at the moment. The Programme was presented by the Minister of Health Ruxanda Glavan. It aims at expanding access and providing universal rights for every citizen to sexual and reproductive health services, especially for the vulnerable groups.

Minister of Health Ruxanda Glavan

The conclusions and recommendations of the Council in response to the current demographic challenges were presented on October 18 at the meeting of the National Commission for Population and Development, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Gheorghe Brega. The implementation of these recommendations are necessary, and should become the main objective of the Government. This will help Moldova to take advantage of the demographic dividend and ensure social and economic welfare of the country.

Note: The International Advisory Panel on Population and Development consists of renowned international experts in fields related to demography, fertility, aging and sexual and reproductive health, and was created at the initiative of UNFPA Regional Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The IAPPD aims to support countries that undergo different demographic changes to elaborate evidence-based solutions and learn from the experience of other countries in this field. Moldova is the first country benefiting from international expertise and UNFPA assistance in this regard.

IAPPD session on sexual and reproductive health and rights