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The Mobile Orange Safe Spaces kicked off the work to reach the refugees and host communities in remote and border areas with psychosocial support, information on existing services and referral on gender-based violence and sexual and reproductive health.

Since the beginning of the war, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) together with partners established ten static Orange Safe Spaces for women, young people and older persons at the temporary refugee placement centres across Moldova. The safe spaces offer women and girls from Ukraine immediate support, counseling and serve as an entry point for gender-based violence and sexual and reproductive health specialized services. 

In addition, UNFPA in partnership with Homecare and Artemida NGOs established mobile Orange Safe Space to reach communities and ensure that both Ukrainian and Moldovan populations in different regions have equal access to information, support and services.

The mobile teams will cover six regions in the coming weeks, including the Northern, Central and Southern parts of the country, focusing on the villages with the larger populations of the refugees. 

This visit was very timely, because it is the first time in months that I could speak with a psychologist. This is what women here need the most,” shared a refugee woman after the group session in Pielița village, Sîngerei rayon. Women of all ages, adolescents and older persons attend the sessions and many sign up for individual counseling. 

The team of the mobile safe spaces - the psychologists, social workers, nurses and legal specialists – organize the information session on the existing services in the area of sexual and reproductive health, details on whom and where to contact in case of gender-based violence and other legal advice related to the access to services. 

We have so much more confidence now, the health information and legal consultations have helped a lot,” said one of the visitors of the Mobile Orange Safe Space at the Palanca border who was getting ready to enter the Republic of Moldova.

The mobile Orange Safe Spaces also distributes the dignity kits among women and girls, which contains sanitary pads underwear, soap, powdered detergent, toothpaste, a comb and a flashlight, all in an easy-to carry-pack.

“UNFPA is pleased to partner with the local organizations in Moldova who are uniquely placed to meet the needs of Ukraine’s women, girls and marginalized groups,” said Nigina Abaszada, UNFPA Resident Representative in Moldova.  “Our mobile and static Orange Safe Spaces will ensure that psychosocial services for gender-based violence and information and referral on sexual and reproductive health equally reach both Ukrainian and Moldovan women and girls across the country.”