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During 4 days, 40 young people from all over the country participated in the Moldova Model United Nations MDMUN 2021 conference, where they experienced the role of high-ranking diplomats, representing their country within the most important international structure - the United Nations. During the conference, the young participants collaborated together, developed their diplomacy and debating skills, intercultural dialogue and negotiations, and demonstrated that involvement and active participation matter.

Moldova Model United Nations is an extracurricular conference - a simulation of the activity of the United Nations in which young people play the role of delegates from different countries and try to solve real-world problems following the policies and perspectives of their designated country. Representing 10 countries, the 40 young people from youth centers, high schools and youth organizations, guided by 12 facilitators and a team of 6 experts/moderators, took part in debates, individual case studies, documentation on current topics from geopolitics, human rights, economy, security, society, culture etc.

The counselor(s) for each country participating in MDMUN2021 guided delegations in the process of preparations for committees and the UN General Assembly, as well as will support delegations in the follow-up local activities. We thank Alexandrina Garuța, Alina Bîrsan, Maria Victoria Chilari, Irina Aga, Marcel Rosca, Laura Catărău, Paladuța Dumitrița, Romana Vasilachi, Sofia Diaconu, Alina Munteanu, Diana Popa, Sprincean Mihail.

Moldova Model United Nations has given young people the opportunity to learn more about global issues, objectives, structure, policies and procedures of the United Nations and at the same time, contribute to the development of their communication, negotiation and debating skills. As representatives of the countries that the young people were assigned to (United States, France, Iran, the United Kingdom, the People's Republic of China, Afghanistan, Syria, the Russian Federation, Colombia and Israel), they documented themselves appropriately, participated in the activities, lobbied, debated during moderated or unmoderated caucus, representing the position and interests of the given country. Finally, the two resolutions were adopted within each committee, and subsequently at the General Assembly. 

During November, MDMUN 2021 delegates will share their experience and knowledge with their peers in their community, school, youth center, youth structure they are part of. The young delegates will organize info sessions in an online and offline format, where they will present MDMUN, their role in the program and their own experience, as well as organize debates on the topics discussed during the committee meetings.

We believe in promoting a better understanding between countries and cultures around the world, and the MDMUN program succeeds in increasing the leadership capacity of young people in Moldova, empowering them to discuss and find solutions to complex global issues impacting their local communities.

Find out more about the program in this TV report. The program is carried out by the Creative Development Association, supported by the Joint Fund of the Ministry of Education and Research, the Swiss Cooperation in Moldova and UNFPA Moldova, in collaboration with the UN Resident Coordinator's Office in Moldova.