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Chisinau, 18 september - ‘Take care not to be knocked up’, ‘I’d better die than talk to my parents about this’, ‘When my menstruation began, I thought I had a serious illness’ – these are just a few of the myths and prejudices that still exist in the Moldovan society. Their dismantling depends on all community members, while the school and the family play a critical role in properly informing the young generation about the reproductive health and rights. This conclusion was reached by those over 150 participants in the opening event of the Let’s talk! campaign in Moldova.


Let's Talk: an opportunity to talk openly about family planning, equal rights of women and men, positive communication, prevention of adolescent pregnancies.

For the first time, the event brought together representatives from various fields, including decision-makers, civil society, parents and young people, the media, influencers, the private sector, who discussed without taboo about topics such as family planning, sexual and reproductive health education, prevention of teenage pregnancy, and gender-based violence.


Rita Columbia, Representative of the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) mentioned that the change depends on each of us. ‘People who are involved in promoting reproductive health and rights can contribute to an essential change for the girls who become pregnant at an early age. We can do this when we break the silence, fight the taboos and help girls and women be informed about their rights.’


Boglárka Csősz Talu speaking at Let's Talk Moldova jointly with Adrian Balutel, State Secretary at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research and Rita Columbia, UNFPA Representative.

Special guest of the event, Boglárka Csősz Talu, actress, producer, and activist for women’s rights in Hungary, said that family planning is a right that must be guaranteed for every citizen.


‘It’s my right and the choice I make with my partner. Young people need to be informed so that they can make the right choices for them. I’m passionate about gender equality, girls’ rights, healthy and democratic families and I advocate for effective changes’, the activist said.


The journalist and vlogger Dorin Galben mentioned that the school and the family are equally responsible for educating the young generation, including in matters related to the development of one’s own body and prevention of risky behaviours. ‘A child should be wanted and expected; it shouldn't become a burden for two minors, scared and pointed at parents. We made a good start by discussing openly about this’, Dorin Galben mentioned.


Dorin Galben, vlogger and influencer in Moldova at Let's Talk event in Chisinau.

Ina Crasnojon, psychologist, psychotherapist and co-founder of the Academy of Parents to Envy, urged the parents to have a constructive dialogue with their children. ‘Connect with your children, talk to them about their physical, hormonal development, about their feelings. This helps us avoid many problems in the future.’


Lucia Berdos, businesswoman, said that she joined the Let’s Talk campaign because reproductive health issues are important, but too little discussed. ‘I remember, at the beginning of my family life, I imagined that after nine months the child should appear. Why? Because we aren’t talking about the right to family planning, about the right of each couple to decide when they want to have a child. I believe that we can identify solutions and combat stereotypes only by communicating and discussing about these issues’.

Ina Crasnojon, psychologist, psychotherapist and co-founder of the Academy of Parents to Envy.


The Let’s Talk campaign will continue with other five similar events held locally, but also via the commitments made by the participants and influencers, including addressing the issues on vlogs/blogs, organisation of information sessions for women and men by the private sector, breaking stereotypes through online communities.


The event was organised by UNFPA Moldova in collaboration with portal.


In the Republic of Moldova, the Let’s Talk campaign coincides with the 25th anniversary of the International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo, which revolutionised the approach to sexual and reproductive rights, focusing on the free choice of each individual to plan their family and life.

Let's Talk campaign fights stereotypes through positive storytelling.