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On the occasion of the International Youth Day, marked annually on August 12th, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), a member of the UN Moldova team, launched the campaign "Youth - ambassadors of change" in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Research and Swiss Cooperation Office in Moldova.


The campaign emphasizes the stories of young people in the Republic of Moldova, who through their ideas and actions have produced changes for the better in their community, contributing to local development and social cohesion.


The event "Celebrating young people - ambassadors of change" organized on the 12th of August in Chisinau, presented the voices of 6 girls and boys from the Republic of Moldova, who inspired other young people to follow their inspirational examples. The event was attended by representatives of the Youth Centers Network from Moldova, the Network of Peer to Peer Educators from Technical Vocational Education institutions, members of Fathers Clubs, volunteers, and ambassadors of the intergenerational dialogue program.


Felicia Parasca, for example, is a girl from Rezina who, in her free time, volunteers and teaches older persons how to use the mobile phone and other IT devices, thus creating a dialogue between generations and increasing social cohesion. "We need to get involved and show solidarity with older people because that's how we learn from each other," she said.



Another young man from Floresti, Daniel Balan, is a youth worker and an example for other young people because he contributed to the creation of the Youth Center in Ștefănești village. "We, here in Ștefănești, work in partnership with the local authorities. Just imagine, how much can be achieved when there is a mutual understanding between the Mayor’s office and a young leader followed by other young people, eager to have a prosperous community? Do not hesitate to be like those young people who get involved and bring about change.”



And Gabriela Schițanu, 18, a member of the Network of Peer to Peer Educators from Technical Vocational Education changes things for the better because she is working with young people informing them not to fall prey to vices that can destroy their future. "I promote healthy life skills that contribute to preventing risky behaviors because only then young people will be able to fully develop their personal and professional potential."




UNFPA together with the Ministry of Education and Research and the Swiss Cooperation Office, based on a strategic collaboration for the development of the Network of Youth Centers, supports the involvement and participation of young people at the local, national, and global levels. In recent years, 44 Youth Centers have been established and provide friendly services, programs, and opportunities for young people.


“As UNFPA, we believe that young people are the future and the drivers of change in Moldova and worldwide. Despite the fact that many times we hear that young people create problems, we know the contrary - they create solutions. I want to reiterate our commitment to further support the development of the youth sector in Moldova, as well as the safe and harmonious development of adolescents and young people both in schools and in non-formal settings." mentioned Latika Maskey Pradhan, Deputy Representative, UNFPA in Moldova.


 “Adolescents and young people are real agents of change, very capable and innovative when it comes to promoting civic engagement in their communities. Switzerland supports the implementation of the new civic education curriculum, and opportunities for adolescents and young people to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in practice." said Vesna Roch, Deputy Director, Swiss Cooperation Office, in her welcoming message to young people.



"Fortunately, in R. Moldova, we do not lack young people and youth-led organizations that are committed to transforming their communities. Young people in Moldova have shown countless times that they have the energy, innovation, and knowledge to support communities and claim their rights” said Simon Springett, UN Resident Coordinator Moldova.


"Young people are truly a driving force for the change," highlighted Marcel Marin, head of the Youth Department, Ministry of Education and Research, within the campaign launching event. “Today in the Republic of Moldova over a quarter of the population is between 14 and 35 years old. Investing in the health and education of young people, as well as the opportunities created for their development, will contribute to the well-being of society as a whole. Based on a joint effort of young people, central and local authorities, and development partners, we will drive the development of the youth sector, through inclusive policies and universal access to youth services and programs, focused on continuous support to the development of every young person here, at home”.



The campaign "Youth - ambassadors of change" takes place during August and promotes young people and their achievements in various fields. In the same context, between August 14 and September 15, UNFPA Moldova in partnership with Buiucani Administration/Chisinau Mayor’s Office organizes an exhibition of photos taken by Young Media Ambassadors for #GlobalGoals, in Alunelul Park, Chisinau. The photos were selected following the contest held within the National Campaign ‘Youth of Moldova for #GlobalGoals’, held in 2020.

Also, on August 15, Sipoteni Youth Run will take place - an event attended by over 100 young people from all over the country, in the Sipoteni village (Călărași), host of the "Youth Capital 2020-2021".


PHOTOS from the event are available here

VIDEO with the participants in the event is available here

For more details: Irina Draguțanu, Communication Associate, UNFPA Moldova, 069694246