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Dozens of teenagers and young people between the ages of 14 and 25 attend the Youth Center in Cimișlia every day. During her visit to the locality, Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița surprised them today at an art therapy workshop.

"Thus, young people express their emotions through drawing, which helps them overcome some states of anxiety and improve their mental health," explained the manager of the Youth Center, Irina Josu. Meanwhile, the institution offers young people documentation services, leisure activities but also volunteer activities, by involving them in community development programs, which contributes to increasing the degree of responsibility and civic activism.

Starting February 24, with the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the Center offers services to women with children and young refugees, housed in the Placement Centers in the city of Cimislia.

Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița praised the efforts of local public authorities, development partners, and civil society to support the development of young people, noting that the Government has recently launched a set of measures to support the younger generation:

"The most profitable investment is in children and young people because they are the future and continuity of development of the Republic of Moldova. That is why supporting young people must be a commitment of both central and local public authorities. The Government will continue to fund the Programs, dedicated to young people, we will help them to develop business and build a prosperous future, here in the Republic of Moldova ", the Prime Minister mentioned.

The Cimișlia Youth Center is founded by the Cimișlia District Council and is developed through the Ministry of Education and Research, the Swiss Cooperation (SDC) and the United Nations Population Fund in Moldova (UNFPA).

"I want to reiterate UNFPA's commitment to continue supporting the Youth Centers network in Moldova. We will continue to invest in the potential of the youth, in their civic engagement and mobilization for the development of the Republic of Moldova ", mentioned the UNFPA Resident Representative in the Republic of Moldova, Nigina Abaszada.

The Youth Centers network has more than 44 institutions in all regions of the country, where around 30,000 young people come every year.