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The young people from Bălți started the local events marking the European Youth Year within the Youth Centers Network in Moldova: "Build your European future!"


In this context, Regional Youth Centers, with the financial support of development partners: the Ministry of Education and Research, the Swiss Government and UNFPA Moldova, organized a series of regional activities in Balti, Leova, and Anenii Noi to promote the European Year of Youth, in the same time to offer the Youth Centers the opportunity to align with the activities organized at national and international level.

Young volunteers building the giant Jenga at the Youth Center Balti, 24 may 2022

"The network of Youth Centers get closer to the European agenda by organizing 3 regional activities hosted by Youth Centers in Balti (24 May), Leova (25 May) and Anenii Noi (30 May), Nevertheless, during 3 days in Chisinau is taking place National Forum of Youth Workers with generic ”Europe goes local”. In this sense, the young people in the country, professionals and practitioners in the youth sector are actively involved in bringing the EYY agenda closer to the national agenda and our communities ", mentioned Olga Gordilă-Bobeico, project officer, UNFPA Moldova.

Dumitrița Gaiber,  young volunteer at the Youth Center Leova, 25 May 2022


During the local events, over 60 young people take part in a thematic quiz dedicated to the European Union and together they were building a giant Jenga tower (7 times larger than the traditional format). The pieces from the Jenga tower represent the keywords, which reflect the youth activity, services and programs of the Youth Centers, illustrating the basic values ​​needed to be developed in our communities to make the most of the human capital of the young people.


In the Republic of Moldova, the European Youth Year is marked by authorities, civil society organizations, academia, and development partners, who organize thematic youth activities throughout the year.

Young volunteers participating at the UE Quiz, Youth Center Leova, 25 May 2022


"We are glad that the young people from Bălți have the opportunity to get involved and participate in the local events dedicated to the European Youth Year. The young people who built the Jenga tower concluded that the words that make up the tower are in fact the "bricks" that underlie the development of a young person, in a friendly and organic space”, concluded Nonna Mihalcean, director of the Balti Youth Center, CRAT.


Young people at the Youth Center Balti building the giant Jenga, 24 May 2022


The 2022 year opens a unique chance to shed new light on the role of young people in the Republic of Moldova, together with those in the European space, to contribute to a better future - greener, greener, more inclusive and more digital.

Young people at the Youth Center Leova, 25 May 2022


For details: Irina Draguțanu, communication associate, 069694246