Press Release

Civic initiatives are spreading quickly in communities thanks to the partnership between young people, Youth Centers, and schools

16 November 2019

More than 275 young people, teachers, LPA representatives and local leaders developed, during August-November 2019, a set of civic measures meant to help improve the quality of life in their communities. The results of these measures, the challenges, the lessons learned and the 2020 plans were discussed in a workshop organized in Chisinau during 13-15 December 2019.  


Young people, together with the Youth Centers and teachers of Education for Society organized 27 civic initiatives in 22 districts across the country. There were peer-to-peer trainings, workshops on youth rights, ecological activities, spatial planning, personal development sessions, vocational guidance, violence prevention in schools, and other activities.



The Youth Centers also conducted awareness-raising work and presented the activities in schools to 3300 girls and 2590 boys. Partnership agreements were concluded with more than 30 educational institutions, including Education Departments.


For their achievements, the Youth Centers, teachers and young people were awarded Certificates of Merit and gifts that they will be able to use in organising other activities in their communities.


‘The organised activities were focused on forming synergies between the Youth Centers and the educational institutions, establishing thus a favorable framework for extending the youth services at the local level and preparing all the stakeholders to provide opportunities for the personal development of young people. The Joint Fund made institutional investments in the Youth Centres, which became more viable and turned into an important resources for young people.’ specified Ion Donea, Head of the Youth Division, Ministry of Education, Culture and Research.


The conducted activities were supported by the Joint Fund for Developing Youth Centers and Strengthened Participation and Civic Engagement of Young People set up by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova, the Swiss Cooperation in Moldova  and UNFPA Moldova,  in partnership with the Terre des hommes Moldova Foundation.


Check out workshop pictures here.