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On 15 November 2022, the world's population is projected to reach 8 billion people.  When turned horizontally, the number 8 becomes the infinity symbol (∞). So 8 billion people actually means a world of infinite possibilities. A world in which everyone, regardless of where they live, their age, religion, gender or health status, has the same rights and choices. 

While globally the population is growing, the Republic of Moldova, like other Central and Eastern European countries, is experiencing a decline in population. This is happening for a variety of reasons, including emigration of people of reproductive age, declining fertility rates and an ageing population.

Is this phenomenon so worrying, or can it be approached as an opportunity to seize the opportunities that come with demographic change and make them fit for a world where quality of life and choice matter? 

Reaching a population of 8 billion is a turning point — the right time to address these demographic trends and phenomena in the world and in the Republic of Moldova and to identify solutions for turning demographic challenges into opportunities. 

The United Nations Population Fund – UNFPA, as the leading UN agency for population and demography, launches in this context several online and offline public actions under the tagline #8BillionStrong to raise awareness around the issues associated with reaching 8 billion people worldwide and the implications for our country.

How does each person contribute to the world of 8 billion and what can each of us do for our personal well-being and that of the whole planet? How can we contribute to reducing inequality and creating a world in which everyone can realise their rights and choices, free from constraints and prejudice?

  • On Monday 14 November, we invite journalists to a discussion club with UNFPA Resident Representative Dr. Nigina Abaszada and the Minister of Labour and Social Protection Marcel Spatari to review the demographic trends in the world and in Moldova;
  • On Tuesday 15 November, we are organising a diversity flash mob in the center of the capital with young people, older people, mothers and fathers, people with disabilities and refugees to promote the infinite possibilities that each individual creates in a world of 8 billion;
  • On Tuesday 15 November, we launch the #1of8Billion installation to raise awareness of the unique value of each person and the unlimited potential to contribute to a more equal, diverse, and united world.

On 15 November, the world's population is projected to reach 8 billion, but more important than the numbers are the people. When people are healthy, educated and included, societies thrive, regardless of their numbers.