Press Release

60 young artists participated in the UNFPA exhibition "The World We Want to Build"

15 December 2016
Doina Brodescu and her painting "The way to gender equality"

Chisinau - Over 60 artworks created by students of the Centre of Excellence in Construction participated at an art exhibition.

The exhibition "The World We Want to Build" is a result of cooperation between UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund in Moldova, and the Centre for Excellence in Construction from the Republic of Moldova. The aim was to enable young artists to create art works through which they would express their opinion about the UNFPA activity and solutions which the organisation brings for Moldova in the areas of family planning, health and sexual and reproductive rights of young people, combating gender based violence.

"UNFPA provides Moldovan youth with opportunities to express their talents and visions about how they see their future. Thus we can ensure that the youth voice is heard in different ways, through art, theatre, civic participation, advocacy", Rita Columbia, the UNFPA Representative in Moldova, explains the idea behind this initiative.

During the months of November and December the future designers of the Centre of Excellence in Construction created artistic works reflecting their views about the world they would like to live in and the UNFPA priorities.

The topics chosen by young artists were gender equality, challenges at the age of adolescence, combating gender stereotypes and domestic violence. The UNFPA provided financial support to ensure the young people with the necessary materials for the creation of different visual images and art objects.

Although it is the first time these young people have participated in such an initiative, they were very open and enthusiastic.

Andriana Sadovnik, fourth year student, has chosen the topic of combating domestic violence for her painting "Paradise behind the mask". "Domestic violence can cause disastrous results and have a tragic impact on children. If UNFPA continues its activities in combating domestic violence, we can hope that there will be more and more children who will not encounter this terrible phenomenon and will have a paradise childhood and life", explains Adriana.

Cristina Sona, a third year student, symbolically represented dilemmas faced by girls in modern societies. "Girls are often required to comply with certain stereotypes, represented in my painting by the masks they wear," explains Cristina.

Gender equality has become the theme of the painting of Doina Brodescu, a third-year student. "I was inspired by this topic because I do not think this is a reality already in Moldova. There are still people who believe in gender stereotypes, and assigns girls the role of taking care of children and family. The respect and empowerment of women is a first step to ensure that women can achieve their dreams".