Press Release

250 healthcare professionals from Moldova trained in cervical cancer prevention

1 July 2019

Chisinau, 1 July -  250 specialists from primary health care institutions from all regions of the country participated in a training course on Cervical Screening between 1-13 July, 2019. They have improved their communication and counseling skills, as well as techniques for taking the cervical smear test for cervical cancer prevention.


250 specialists from primary health care institutions from all regions of the country trained in Cervical Screening.


Cervical screening is done every three years for all women aged 25-61 years and is free of charge while being provided by the family doctor. Family medical practitioners are responsible for organizing the screening process by inviting women eligible for cervical screening at the cabinet, taking cervical smear tests, informing about test results and the next steps.


Larisa Creciun works as medical assistant at the Cosăuți Health Center, which serves a population of over 2,800 people, including 600 women eligible for cervical screening. She says that training is very important because it helps her understand better how to communicate with women.

We have been trying different methods lately, including communicating with women through viber, because many of them are working abroad. The hardest thing is to convince older women, because they are embarrassed to come to the doctor,” she admits.


Larisa Creciun works as a medical assistant for more than 34 years.


Ina Balta, the head of the Sudarca Health Center, from Donduseni district, confirms that the training is welcome, because it helps medical staff to keep up with the new technologies. “Medicine evolves and here we learn the correct techniques in the cervical screening process”.


Diana Valuţa, Head of the Cervical Screening Coordination Unit, says that Moldova is taking  important steps to improve the quality of cervical screening services.


In Moldova, cervical cancer continues to affect more than 300 women per year, the majority of whom are in the age of 35-45 years old.


The quality of cervical screening services is improving in the Republic of Moldova thanks to sustained interventions at the system level.

The activities are organized in the framework of "Prevention of cervical cancer project in the Republic of Moldova", carried out by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection in partnership with UNFPA, SDC, ICCA and other development partners.