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"Without Taboo" is an educational and interactive game developed by UNFPA Moldova for adolescents and youth over 15 years old. It includes quizzes about violence, sexual and reproductive health, mental health, healthy diets, encouraging young people to make responsible and informed decisions. The game helps young people improve their analytical, communication and teamwork skills.

The game was printed in 275 copies, in Romanian and Russian, and will be distributed in the Network of Youth Centres, Youth Friendly Health Centres (Youth Klinics), Y-PEER Moldova Network. Also, the game is available in online format - - so that teenagers and young people can access it every time they want to.

According to Ludmila Sirbu, Youth Program Analyst at UNFPA Moldova, the game "Without Taboo" covers the information gap in the field of sexual and reproductive health of adolescents, based on veridical sources of information, given that formal education on this subject is still sporadic.

Today, in schools across the country, adolescents and young people learn in compulsory subjects only certain elements about building safe relationships of friendship and love, mental health, the occurrence of harassment and sexual violence, prevention of adolescent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, puberty and reproductive health, etc. and only 10% of students annually study detailed information on these subjects in the optional course "Health Education".

“Without access to systematic, complex and long-term education in schools and families, adolescents and young people in the Republic of Moldova face problems related to psycho-emotional health [1], bullying and violence, increased levels of sexually transmitted infections and HIV / AIDS, pregnancies at an early age. That is why we need to continuously diversify the sources of veridical information and education, which complement the education in schools and families and offer an alternative to the Internet, where young people access information that they cannot delimit as correct or not. In this context, we are convinced that the board game "Without Taboo" will be a useful resource in informal educational activities, being adapted to the age and developmental characteristics of adolescents and young people" said Ludmila Sîrbu.

The game “Without Taboo” was developed with the support of the UN Population Fund (UNFPA). The format and design were developed by Erudit Studio SRL. The content was developed by adolescents and young people and validated by national and international experts in the fields of health and education.

According to official data, in the Republic of Moldova young people aged 15-24 constitute about 10% (247,983 people) of the total population of the country [2].