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On the eve of 15 November, when the world's population reaches 8 billion, the UN Population Fund - UNFPA in partnership with the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection is organizing the press club ‘8 Billion People on the Globe - what is the situation in the Republic of Moldova?’.


The press club will be organised on Monday, 14 November, at 2:00 p.m., in the premises of MediaCor (60 Alexei Mateevici Street)


Speakers at the event:

  • Minister of Labour and Social Protection, Marcel Spatari;
  • Nigina Abaszada, Resident Representative of UNFPA;
  • Olga Gagauz, demography expert, Head of the Center for Demographic Research.


The press club 8 Billion People on the Globe - what is the situation in the Republic of Moldova?

aims to address demographic trends worldwide and in the Republic of Moldova together with decision-makers, journalists and experts. While the population on the globe continues to grow, in the Republic of Moldova the population is decreasing. What are the underlying causes of this phenomenon? How will the situation develop in the coming years and what should the Republic of Moldova do today to mitigate the consequences of demographic changes in the future? Several subjects are to be covered at the event.


At the same time, at the press club, UNFPA will make an overview of the demographic situation in the world and in the region, and the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection will present the measures taken by the authorities to strengthen the demographic resilience of the country, with a focus on: supporting families through friendly policies to help couples have the desired number of children, empowering older people through active and healthy ageing programs, developing population policies based on reliable population data and records.


All these measures are included in the Demographic Resilience Program supported by UNFPA, to which the Republic of Moldova is also a participant.


At the press club, the representatives of mass-media will have the opportunity to learn the details on these subjects from the first source.

The United Nations Population Fund - UNFPA, as the lead UN agency in the field of population and demography, organizes a number of public actions in November under the main title of #1in8Billion, online and offline, to discuss topics related to 8 billion people worldwide and demographic changes in the Republic Moldova.

It should be noted that as part of the campaign dedicated to 8 billion people on the planet, along with the organisation of a press club with the participation of the mass-media, UNFPA in Moldova will hold a series of actions aimed at drawing public attention to demographic changes. On 15 November, UNFPA will organize a flash mob at the Great National Assembly Square, which will be attended by about 150 people of different ages and from different localities - young people, older people, partners, donors and representatives of state authorities, etc.

On 15 November, the world population will reach 8 billion, but people are more important than numbers. When people are healthy, educated and engaged, societies thrive, regardless of their number.