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20 May 2020

Older people’s rights and dignity must be protected amid COVID-19 pandemic

By Alanna Armitage Across Europe, from Spain to Serbia, care homes for older people have become hotspots of COVID-19 infections. According to the World Health Organization, residents of long-term care facilities account for up to half of coronavirus deaths in Europe. Among all the heartbreaking statistics that tell the story of

15 May 2020

Only when there is true equality between men and women, can family truly flourish

There are five more days until the youngest member of the Diaconu family, Petrică, will celebrate his birthday. He dreamed of a big party at a playground with his friends from kindergarten, but Covid-19 changed their plans. Petrică will celebrate his 6th birthday at home, with his family, together with two older sisters -

8 May 2020

Men Engage – new social media challenge encourages equal participation of men in domestic and childcare activities

The period of social isolation imposed by the COVID-19 determined many couples in Moldova and around the world to change their habits at home. The social media platforms revealed many examples of men, who got involved, along with their partners, in-home, and child care activities. They participated in cooking activities,

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