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10 July 2020

Quality demographic data help countries overcome easier any crisis

Quality demographic data have an important role in managing crises, including the one caused by COVID-19. Once the national statistics have been adjusted to the international practices, the Republic of Moldova has recently presented the highest quality statistics on population, which has been decreasing due to migration. These

2 July 2020

Students from vocational schools will be better prepared for adult life and job market through life skills education

More than 6,000 students from 12 vocational education institutions (VET) across Moldova will have the chance to address their critical needs for life skills development.  The empowerment of the girls and boys is set to be the result of a United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Austrian Development Agency (ADA) and the Minister

1 July 2020

An integrated information system will allow obtaining complex demographic data in the Republic of Moldova

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) will develop an integrated information system that will provide complex and timely statistical data on population and migration, including internal and external migration. This system aims to capitalize the state registers by integrating data on population, vital events (such as births

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