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2 March 2021

“Without Taboo” - a new educational game for teenagers and young people about violence prevention and reproductive health

"Without Taboo" is an educational and interactive game developed by UNFPA Moldova for adolescents and youth over 15 years old. It includes quizzes about violence, sexual and reproductive health, mental health, healthy diets, encouraging young people to make responsible and informed decisions. The game helps young people improve

2 March 2021

Ion Jitari: ‘We have invested enough in school fences. It’s time to invest in education for gender equality’

During the last months of 2020, eight Fathers’ Clubs started to work in different locations in the Straseni and Falesti districts. The clubs are places for men to come together and talk about the existing perceptions regarding the roles of men and women in family and society and the challenges of active fatherhood. They were

11 February 2021

New friendly classrooms in technical vocational education institutions are ready to welcome students

In 12 Moldovan technical vocational institutions the disciplines aimed to develop life skills in students will be taught in newly designed and refurbished classrooms, beginning with this semester.                                           Classroom environment is considered one of the most important factors that impacts



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