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24 August 2020

Educators from VET institutions will teach "Decisions for a healthy lifestyle" innovatively

Educators teaching the subject "Decisions for a healthy lifestyle" in 12 vocational education and training (VET) institutions in the country participate in a distance learning course on new and interactive methods of teaching and interacting with the students. This course is part of a larger training program for teachers, which

20 August 2020

According to the Youth Index, the gaps between young people and adults remain large, but the trend is positive

During recent years, the gaps between young people and adults have shown a slight declining trend in several areas, but the inequalities between these two groups remain quite large. The biggest gaps are in the field of health, criminality, and participation in the decision-making/political processes. The findings were revealed

14 August 2020

Students and teachers in VET have decided on the final design for the classrooms where they will study disciplines aimed to develop life skills

Over 2,900 students and teachers from 12 technical vocational education institutions (VET) voted for the best model of a learning-friendly classroom where they will explore subjects like "Decisions for a healthy lifestyle",  "Personal Development" and "Biology". They made the choice from three design versions, which were co-

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