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24 November 2020

Youth Strategy 2020: The youth sector has developed in the recent years, but it still needs support to make a better use of young people's potential

The event summarizing the implementation of youth policies, included in the 2020 National Youth Sector Development Strategy, held online on Monday, 23 November, brought together virtually over 4,500 people from the whole country: young people, representatives of central and local public authorities, including youth officials,

12 November 2020

Despite global COVID-19 crisis, governments uphold support for women’s and girls’ health and rights, one year after historic Summit

New York, 12 November 2020 - As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to take a heavy toll on the health and economies of countries around the world, governments, non-governmental organizations, international financial institutions and the private sector are stepping up political, financial and in-kind support for programmes that

6 November 2020

At the age of 24, Iulia Covaliova, manager at the Falesti Youth Center: "I am very motivated to do things well, in my community"

Iulia Covaliova is a 24-year old manager at the Youth Center of the Falesti district. She got the job a year ago, and since then, she says she has been taking great pains to make big changes she plans together with youth. She wanted to study abroad and change the world – now she is starting a family at home and influencing the

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