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12 June 2019

Two National Laboratories Equipped with State of the Art Technology to Prevent Cervical Cancer

Chisinau, 6 June 2019 - Two national laboratories from the Republican Clinical Hospital and the Mother and Child Institute were equipped with advanced equipment for the delivery of cervical screening services. In these laboratories, important cytological and histopathological analyzes are performed on a daily basis, allowing

24 May 2019

The Frăsineşti community from Ungheni district supports youth health education

Pupils, parents, teachers and opinion leaders from Frăsineşti village, Ungheni district, came together to talk about the rights and needs of adolescents and ways of building a youth-friendly community through health education in schools and out-of-school activities. The public discussion is part of a series of similar events

20 May 2019

National commitment to promote youth health education

More than 130 representatives of district education divisions, school principals and teachers, doctors and adolescent health specialists, students and parents from several districts of the country made a joint commitment to support youth health education and build positive behaviors among young people. The topics were discussed


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