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300 women and men over the age of 65 from the Republic of Moldova received packages of hygienic products and essential food, as well as information materials on protection measures against COVID-19, as part of an action launched by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Moldova in partnership with the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection. Older persons will also receive emotional support from a team of 15 young volunteers from Youth Centers and the National Youth Council Network.

This action is fostering social cohesion and intergenerational dialogue in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. It supports the national response efforts to protect the older people, including through the involvement of the younger generation.

According to UNFPA, young people can play an important role in mitigating risks and community outreach in times of crisis. They have enormous potential in the use of information technologies, but also other creative resources, which can support the response measures against COVID-19. Now is the time to demonstrate solidarity between generations and to involve young people to support the older persons, who are most affected by the pandemic.

UNFPA selected districts and localities based on an analysis of the number of people over the age of 65 living alone in the household and the Small Area Deprivation Index (IDAM), which includes 48 relative indicators in eight areas: economic activity and agriculture, physical infrastructure, education, health, demography, social services, public finance, environmental conditions. As a result, 16 more vulnerable localities were selected from the districts of Sangerei, Telenești, Rezina and Soldănești.

The selection of 300 people over the age of 65 was carried out in partnership with local bodies specializing in social assistance and family protection in the four districts and community social workers. Older persons will receive packages of essential products on the eve of the Easter holidays. 

The 15 young volunteers will communicate with them over the phone to inform about the protection measures against COVID-19 and to provide emotional support during the social isolation period. Young people will receive guidance in this regard from experienced psychologists from the Republic of Moldova.

According to official statistics, there are currently more than half a million people living in the Republic of Moldova, over the age of 60 years. More than half of them are women and about 40% are households made up of lonely people. At the same time, each 4th person in Moldova is young up to the age of 35.

On 14 April 2020, 1847 persons affected by COVID-19 were registered in the Republic of Moldova, 424 of whom were over the age of 60.