Girls tailor their healthy future

12 iunie 2018

Centrul de Excelență în Industria Ușoară, str. George Coșbuc, 5

WHO: United Nations reproductive health and rights agency (UNFPA), Youth Peer to Peer Educators Network „Y-PEER”, in collaboration with Ministry of Education, Culture and Research and Centre of Excellence in Light Industry

WHAT: Launching event of the „Girls tailor their healthy future initiative to promote reproductive health rights in vocational education training system (VET). Nearly 400 young girls from the Centre of Excellence in Light Industry from Chisinau were informed in March-April about healthy lifestyles and prevention of risky behaviours. In turn, they came up with slogan ideas for the promotion of reproductive health and rights among young people and produced promotional materials (bags, T-shirts) to be used in further advocacy and youth health education activities.

 “It was a unique experience both for my personal life and professional career”, one of the girls said.

WHERE: Centre of Excellence in Light Industry, George Coșbuc, 5 str.

WHEN: 12 June, 10.00

IMPORTANT: During the event, students will be ackowledged for their work, while ”Y-PEER” members will demonstrate a Social Theatre play and have a public debate on the need for health education and life skills development in schools. The initiative will be further replicated in other VET institutions in the country.

The initiative supports the realization of the Memorandum of Collaboration between Ministry of Education, Culture and Research and UNFPA Moldova for the increase of access to quality and age appropriate health education in schools. 

Representatives of other VET schools, business sector, development partners, parents are invited to attend the event. 

For contact: Irina Lipcanu, Communcation Officer, UNFPA Moldova, Tel. 069162304;