Women leaders and Ambassadors to Moldova will encourage young girls to achieve their dreams and potential

24 februarie 2018

WHO: United Nations reproductive health and rights agency (UNFPA), in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

WHAT: Public talk about rights of adolescent girls to mark the International Women’s Day. Several women ambassadors to the Republic of Moldova will share their views on gender inequalities and the existing stereotypes around the traditional roles of boys and girls. They will provide examples from their own experience, urging girls to avoid the risks that may occur in adolescence and encouraging them to make the right decisions for life. We will also hear from young boys and girls, a parent, a teacher and a doctor, who will talk about a friendly and safe environment in the family, at school and youth centres, so that all girls and boys are able to achieve their dreams and realize their full potential.

WHERE: Jolly Alon, Marble Hall (Maria Cebotari Street, 37)

WHEN: 6thof March, 2 p.m.

PARTICIPANTS: Around 100 people, including young girls and boys, teachers, parents, local and central authorities.

WHY: Yearly in Moldova, more than 2,600 young girls, especially those from rural communities and vulnerable families, become mothers and too early face other type of responsibilities. Due to existing social norms, lack of proper education in schools and in the family, there are many cases when young girls get pregnant at an early age, fall victims of violence and sexual abuses. Human rights-based education, mutual respect and support are critical values ​​that help girls and boys to realize equally their reproductive rights and professional aspirations. The event opens a series of similar community debates, which will be organized this year in 22 localities of the country to create demand for health education for young people.